Healing Through Past Life Regression and Soul Writing
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What You'll Experience in a Past-Life Regression or a Life-Between Lives Session

A Past-Life Regression is designed to take you to the past-life that is most impacting you now. You will revisit that life to uncover your identity, the significant event that is the origin of your present karma, and the members of your soul family who were with you in that life and who came back with you in this life to assist you in resolving your karmic debt and/or supporting you in your soul's mission.

A Life-Between-Lives Session will take you back through your childhood in this life, through your infancy, into the womb, and then back to Spirit where you will revisit your spiritual home, meet your primary guide who will lead you to a counsel of guides who will assist you in deciding which karmic issues you will bring into this life, and then the members of your soul family who will come forward to play a role in this lifetime.

The difference between the two is that the past-life session will explore the origin of the issues you're dealing with today by enabling you to see and re-experience them as they first occurred. This may be due to something done to you; something you did to someone else; a trauma you experienced; or the origin of a particular skill or talent you've brought in with you into this life. The life-between-lives session will provide you with an overview of how you and your guides determine which past-life issue(s) you would work on in this life and who would come forward to assist you.

In either case, your session will begin with an interview to explore what you hope to accomplish. This enables Joanne to ask the questions that most readily access and ultimately resolve your issues. A lengthy relaxation session follows to guide you into an altered state of consciousness. A prayer of protection and white light is used to safeguard you throughout the session. Then you will be led to the lifetime that is most impacting you now.

You can choose from a traditional session (regression only), or you can do a combination regression and soul writing session, which adds the component of asking for additional guidance through soul writing at the end of the session. Joanne asks her Source for additional information to share with you and writes as you write. Then the information that came through the writing is shared and discussed. This second segment has proven to be a powerful complement to the regression session, providing the backstory of what you just experienced and often offering advice and encouragement from spirit on how to proceed.  Sessions are not recorded by Joanne, but you are welcome to record them yourself. However, Joanne takes meticulous notes during each session and transcribes those for you. This includes the soul writing portion if you choose to include that.

A traditional regression or life-between-lives session that is done in Joanne's office or via SKYPE is typically 1-1/2 hours @$100 per session. If soul writing is added, the session  is 2 hours @$125.  Regressions done out--of-town are $150.
These sessions cannot be done over the phone but are available via Skype. Joanne travels to different cities and does regressions while there, so keep abreast of her speaking engagements as she may be coming to a city near you. At this time, Joanne does not have a referral list for past-life therapists in other parts of the country.

Please Note: Regression appointments are available weekdays, on select Saturdays and after 1pm on select Sundays.

"My life often seemed to me like a story that has no beginning and no end. I had the feeling that I was an historical fragment, an excerpt for which the preceding and succeeding text was missing. I could well imagine that I might have lived in former centuries and there encountered questions I was not yet able to answer; that I had been born again because I had not fulfilled the task given to me."
- Carl Jung

Case Study:

Head Trauma Began in 5 B.C.

Naomi was 64-year-old retired associate vice president and university administrator who came to my research project complaining of chronic arthritis in her neck and spine. She also revealed that she blacked out when she had the flu and suffered a concussion.

Naomi’s went back to a life in 5 BC in Egypt or Greece. She saw herself as Orelia, a tall, slender female in her 20s with olive skin. She wore golden sandals with thin straps. Her three-quarter-length white dress had multiple folds and a gold sash and it flowed gently as she walked. She had long, straight black hair and wore a small gold crown encrusted with jewels.

Orelia lived in a palatial estate with stone floors, thick smooth walls and cut-out windows.  She was in a privileged position but she did not want to claim it.At dinner she was seated at the head of the table but felt separate and a part from the others who were seated around her.  “I have no connection to them,” she said.  It’s almost as if I’m watching, being apart emotionally, disconnected. It’s as if I am somehow set aside in importance.” She acknowledged she was seen as more important than the others, but she did not know why.

Her death was the result of jealousy others felt toward her. She clearly remembered being deliberately pushed down a curved stone stairway by someone who came up behind her. She hit the hard stone and injured her neck, dying shortly thereafter. Her last thoughts were: “I was glad to escape because I was always set apart from everybody and lonely. I wondered who pushed me.”

The theme of that life was Orelia’s inability to control her destiny. She had been identified as someone vastly different from her peers and that resulted in jealousy and envy in all areas. She felt this was undeserved as she was never cruel or mean to anyone.

Karmicly this has played out in Naomi’s life in several ways, including feeling separated from others and not knowing how to be her authentic self without incurring unwarranted jealousy. She has also had to deal with the pattern of repeatedly being hit from behind. As an example, a male co-worker pushed her from behind to get her out of the way when they were racing out of a building during the Mineral, VA earthquake. She also had multiple car accidents in which she was hit from behind.

“People have a strong reaction to me,” she said of her current life. “If I’m playing my role of being capable, there is jealousy and backstabbing. Power plays happened to me several times at work. There were small circles of people who reacted to a powerful personality or other parts of me that brought out jealousy in them.”

After our session, Naomi had several insights where she noted more examples of the recurring pattern of feeling apart and then being attacked from behind. “I have had repeated occurrences over my working life of me “being me” and assuming the good in others and that things are fine, or at least “assuming” neutral or good feelings in relationships—only later to be turned on, behind my back, and attacked,” she said. “Each time I was surprised at the meanness and often who it was. It was upsetting and shocking; very disheartening. The whiplash injuries to my neck occurred while at red lights. The most recent was someone running a red light and totaling my car on the right side. When I hit my head I passed out, resulting in both a significant concussion and another neck injury. So—[the pattern is] minding my own business and getting these surprise attacks as I innocently go about my business.”

In her soul writing her higher self encouraged her to be herself, accept her power and not hide it. Naomi’s writing indicated that she was the one setting herself apart. “I set myself apart by not embracing the position or allowing myself to be in authority. This is the same as in this life—able and capable, but holding back so others will like me. It didn’t always work!”

Naomi felt that her concussion and neck injury was her wake up call “I see the pattern,” she said. “My tendency is to avoid being in the limelight and instead to seek like-minded people and those with similar strengths. Perhaps this would avoid being singled out, attacked and misunderstood. I suppose I could be “out there” with more people, rather than trying to blend in while actually squashing myself.”

Her condition after our session began to improve as she incorporated several other healing modalities. “I am grateful for the experience,” she said.





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