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"To know the truth is to make you free."
(Edgar Cayce reading 323-2)

What You'll Experience

A composer sat in the audience, saying she had writer's block and could not write the lyrics to her latest song. After her second soul writing sessions, the lyrics came to her and the song was complete.

An attorney sat in the audience, saying she was very much an analytical, left-brain thinker. After her first soul writing session, she openly wept, saying she never thought such a profound message could come through her.

A woman sat in the audience, despondent over issues in her life for which there seemed to be no answers. After soul writing session she found her answers and her despair lifted.

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Soul Writing
Healing Through Past Life Regression and Soul Writing

This is the power of Soul Writing! 

Soul Writing is a written form of meditation. It is a transformational tool that gives the writer a perspective that otherwise would have eluded him/her when in a conscious state. It is a method of communication that accesses information from a higher source. Some people believe that source is God. Others credit their guardian angels or spirit guides, while still others believe it is their higher self or subconscious mind.

Edgar Cayce, the most renowned psychic of the 20th century, said it is everyone’s birthright to communicate with Source and listen to that still small voice coming from within one’s soul—a voice that guides and inspires us to find the answers that lie within. That is the essence of Soul Writing.

Everyone can learn to do soul writing—it is not something reserved for only a few. The method Joanne teaches is based on the work of Edgar Cayce and includes relaxation (meditation), white light (prayer) of protection, setting an intent or question, and then allowing the writing to proceed. She outlines her process in her books and through her classes and workshops.

With Soul Writing you can get answers to any question you have. It's like having a 24/7 "phone home card" to spirit. Someone is always on the other end of the line, joyously providing guidance to help you get unstuck by providing a different perspective. Soul Writing can be applied to all aspects of your life, including soul's growth, psychoanalysis, healing, dream interpretation, past-life exploration, examining profound esoteric truths, and answering day-to-day questions about relationships, careers, health, finance, and more. The list is endless and the counsel is priceless.

Joanne has been doing soul writing for over 30 years and has found it an invaluable tool in
her soul’s growth. Cayce said: “To know the truth is to make you free” (323-2). There is no better way for uncovering that truth than through soul writing. As one of Joanne's research participants wrote: “This experience is a door opener that is extraordinary in its potential.”

Joanne teaches soul writing on an individual basis in a private one-on-one appointment for $100 per session, or in a group environment during one of her classes. To schedule an appointment for a private session, email